Welcome to Barbaia! By making a reservation, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

1. Reservation:

By making a reservation, you declare on behalf of all persons listed on the reservation that:

• You agree to these terms and are bound by them.

• You are over 18 years old and accept the financial responsibility to pay for the reservation on behalf of all persons listed in the reservation.

• You understand that entering Barbaia is at your own risk.

2. Booking and Changes:

• Book as indicated on the website.

• Verify that all entered information is correct before confirming the reservation.

• Upon confirmation of the reservation, a binding agreement is established between you and us.

• In case of incorrect information, please contact us immediately to make adjustments.

• If you wish to make changes to your confirmed reservation, please notify us. We will do our best to assist you, but may not always be able to accommodate your change request.

3. Cancellation:

• Once confirmed, your reservation is final. Cancellations are possible up to 30 days before the scheduled arrival date. After this period, we regretfully must charge the full reserved period due to other reservation requests. These cancellation terms also apply in the case of late arrival or early departure than originally booked.

• In the event of unforeseen circumstances that make it impossible to proceed with your stay at Barbaia, we kindly request you to contact us as soon as possible.

• If you wish to cancel outside the cancellation period, we offer you the option to reschedule your reservation to another available date, subject to availability and any rate differences. Please contact us for more information on rescheduling your reservation.

• To ensure that all guests can enjoy the available accommodation and to prevent disappointments, we want to emphasize that in case of a no-show without prior notice, the full costs of the reserved period will be charged.

4. Disabilities and Medical Issues:

• At Barbaia, we strive to provide an inclusive and accessible environment for all our guests. If you or someone in your party has a disability, or if you have specific medical needs that require our attention, we kindly request you to inform us prior to your stay. This way, we can ensure that we take necessary precautions and accommodate any special requests as best as possible.

5. Our Liability:

• We aim to make your stay at Barbaia as pleasant and safe as possible. However, we disclaim any liability for injury, illness, death, loss, or damage occurring during your stay at Barbaia. This includes, but is not limited to:

* Personal accidents or injuries caused by accidents, incidents, or activities within Barbaia.
* Loss or theft of personal belongings.
* Damage to vehicles on our premises.

• We advise you to obtain your own travel insurance to protect yourself against such events.

6. House Rules:

• During your stay at Barbaia, you are required to abide by our house rules, which are available upon arrival.

7. Adjustments to Booking Terms:

• We reserve the right to adjust or supplement these booking terms at any time. Any changes will be published online and automatically apply to all customers.
By making a reservation at Barbaia, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to these terms and conditions. For questions or further information, feel free to contact us.

Last update: 26-04-2024