Barbaia as a base

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Agriturismo Barbaia is located in the middle of the beautiful nature of the Langhe in the province of Piemonte, which literally means at the foot of the mountains. The Piedmont and especially the Langhe is known for its fantastic cuisine, beautiful wines, truffles and not to forget the hazelnuts for the Nutella! At the same time, it is an ideal base for trips to, for example, Alba, Savona, Genoa or the Ligurian coast.


Discover the beautiful surroundings while walking or cycling or simply just by watching from your own balcony. There are several walking routes and the experienced cyclist can certainly indulge in the hilly landscape.

How it started for us

The desire to start a B&B and mini camping with an agricultural caracter, has long been present and was mainly due to the need for a different way of life, more space and, last but not least, our passion for food, wine and of course the beautiful weather. So, when we had the opportunity to buy this beautiful farm, we went for it! Although we keep developing plans and new (wild) ideas always remain, we are more then happy that we can finally open our doors to everyone.

Since the purchase of Barbaia, a lot of work has been done to get the property as it is now. The most important thing was to keep as many elements of the original farm as possible. During the renovation we often came across beautiful, funny or sometimes inexplicable old elements, which you can see in the different rooms and which has resulted in an attractive whole and full of stories.