Cozy bar

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Through the old bread oven, you enter the former stable, where we’ve created a cozy bar. This is open to both the camping guests and the guests of our B&B. At the end of the day, you can enjoy a drink on the pleasant terrace. When it’s cold and bleak outside, a delightful crackling fire warms the atmosphere, while in the summer, it can be refreshingly cool. In the bar, we’ve stripped all the old natural stone walls of their plaster, giving you the feeling of stepping back in time.


Delicious Dining

Italy is, of course, known for its delicious and honest food. In Barbaia, we cook on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and offer a special on Sundays. B&B and camping guests can sign up for dinner. We typically serve an Italian three-course dinner with delightful local dishes.

Dinner books up quickly, so reserve your spot soon!


Breakfast in the morning is not included as standard in the stay; this can be added. Breakfast is served on the delightful terrace, partly at the table and partly as a buffet.

Family Dinners at Barbaia

At Barbaia, we hold a high regard for a culinary experience and understand that families have special needs when it comes to dining. Therefore, we offer a special, shortened version of our regular menus once a week, for the little ones who can’t stay up late into the evening. This allows families with children to enjoy a delicious meal without compromising on the quality and the Italian flair we’re known for. The day this takes place will be announced on signs on the premises. The little ones who can stay up are, of course, welcome to join the normal culinary experience.